Bray Chan Chartered Accountants

Providing the very best in personal, tailored accounting solutions for every industry.
Bray Chan was born out of a passion to provide businesses with an alternative to typically static financial solutions. Our services were developed to offer flexibility for client’s needs in order to help structure their businesses toward balanced financial outcomes and viable acquisitions.

We are a proactive team. We look toward the future for our clients – always asking the question of where you are going, without getting stuck on where you have been.

The foundations of our offering are built on the core fundamentals of sharing knowledge, being available and honest in every endeavor.

We provide tax effective solutions, asset protective structures, due diligence and feasibility studies (financial) into acquisitions and investments. We also offer estate planning and structuring, negotiations and litigation support.

Working side-by-side we are able to help our clients to understand their own numbers. We don’t keep you at arms length, we welcome the interaction and partnerships that evolve from working closely with our clients.

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